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WordPress Vulnerability Alert

Attention Clients!

This post is a copy of the email that will have received on account of your WordPress site; attached is a PDF version of a short Q&A we have provided to hopefully answer more of your questions and save you time.

A new hacker attack “proof-of-concept code” has been released and could possibly hijack millions of WordPress sites including yours. The vulnerability is a cross-site scripting vulnerability which allows hackers to use your website to send and receive data from anyone who visits your website.

In response to this, WordPress has released a critical update, WordPress 4.2.1. We strongly encourage everyone who has a website operating on WordPress to consider upgrading it to the new version.

We are your hosting company and provide you with the hosting of your site meaning the server, the bandwidth and storage. We are not providing you with site management, however we want to make sure that all of you are safe.

Many of you might ask if this is something you can update yourself, because WordPress delivers it right to your dashboard. The short answer is yes, you can; however, when you update WordPress it does not mean that all of the plug-ins are automatically updated when you do so. When this happens, the site can shut down or have any number of other issues because only half the site is functioning the way it should. As a result, we only recommend that a professional performs this update for you.

TNTMAX is currently offering to scan your website, do a comprehensive analysis of issues that may have occurred and update your WordPress with the security upgrade. After this, we will go back through everything and make sure that each and every plug-in that operates on your site is up-to-date and running at optimum functionality. We will do all of this discounted at a rate of $62.50.

If you are interested in never having to worry about these security breaches, vulnerabilities in software, and never having to upgrade your software we encourage you to ask us about our Managed Hosting which we now have available. For a monthly cost your website will be scanned once a month for any security issues, software updates, and plug-in failures at which time we will fix and correct everything so your site will always be functioning at the optimal level.

Below is the link to view the PDF that will hopefully answer any secondary questions you may have concerning this issue.


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