At TNTMAX we believe that making a positive, long-term impact on the community is something that every corporation is responsible for.

Green Recycling Program

Everyone’s going “green” these days, and TNTMAX is no exception.

We were ahead of the curve when we started our technology recycling program.
We saw the need for this as our customers presented us with the opportunity to take their old computers, cell phones and PDAs off their hands as they were replaced with newer models.  At the same time we were also being approached by people working with various charitable organizations both here and abroad asking if we had any equipment to donate to their cause.

A win-win program was born.  We keep these devices and their accompanying gear out of the landfills and provide a much-needed product to a specific clientele!

Safety and security are paramount, so once we insure that all of the stored information on the equipment is completely erased, we clean, catalog and store the equipment.  As we receive requests, we check our stock, refurbish and repurpose the equipment as necessary – ultimately recycling it to a new user.