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A website’s content management system, or CMS, refers to the back-end management of your site’s entire library of text and graphics. Having efficient CMS tools is especially important when it comes to regularly-updated content such as events and blogs. At TNTMAX in Bergen County, our web design experts can develop a custom CMS for your company, allowing for an intuitive interface for your back-end site management. A custom CMS allows for design continuity that perfectly reflects your brand, as well as flexibility for your site to grow with your company. By creating various design components that can be easily added, edited or removed, your website management becomes significantly more flexible and scalable than a traditional, static site. With content management services from TNTMAX, your website is not a static digital brochure – it becomes a dynamic marketing tool that fosters community around your brand.

WordPress is perhaps the most well-known example of a content management system. However, depending on the nature of your business or the digital marketing strategy you envision, there are other CMS tools that TNTMAX can integrate with your website. Drupal, Kentico, and Sitecore, for example, are other content management systems that might better complement your company’s digital marketing. From our office In Bergen County, TNTMAX provides businesses in Bergen County & Essex County web services & custom website development utilizing WordPress, Drupal, Kentico, & Sitecore. Learn more about each CMS tool below, or set up a call to find out which tool could benefit your business the most.


Drupal is an open-source content management system that can integrate a dynamic company blog, community forums, and even operate as a platform for reader-submitted content. These features of Drupal allow your website to generate a community around your brand. This doesn’t just attract new leads – it engages potential clients and established clients to return to your business again and again.
Benefits of Drupal Integration include:

  • User account registration
  • User-friendly account maintenance
  • Simplified management of site menus
  • RSS feed generation
  • Multiple page layout templates
  • Efficient system administration
  • Platforms for hosting user-submitted content & forums
  • Advanced security measures to protect your multi-user accessible platforms


Kentico is one of the simplest CMS tools to use, even for novice web developers. This allows you to update your site’s pages or publish new content regularly with ease. Kentico’s customization capabilities also allow you to designate multiple website managers at varying levels of access. And, like Drupal, Kentico affords the integration of community forums and intranet for effective workflow management.
Utilizing Kentico as your site’s CMS allows for:

  • Simplified site administration configurations
  • Restriction of site managers’ access to designated content updates
  • High levels of site security through restricted access channels
  • “Content staging” for simple migration and publication of content from static to live
  • Task scheduling as often as hourly for dynamic content refreshing
  • “Workflow” modules that organize production, review, and publication of content from one content team member to the next


Sitecore is another option for a developer-friendly content management system for high traffic, enterprise level websites. Like Kentico, Sitecore offers multi-user configurations of access for large content teams. If your site has daily or even hourly content publications, Sitecore allows your administrator to stay abreast of content from creation to publication.
Some of the advantages that come from integrating Sitecore are:

  • Scalability for a growing content-driven brand
  • Enhanced mobile experience using headless JavaScript
  • Simplified set up and installation framework
  • User-friendliness and customization options
  • User-driven platforms that optimize engagement
  • Advanced email marketing integration with triggers that personalize user experience
  • “Experience Cloud” enhancements, like personalized commerce and web content management

TNTMAX Tailors CMS Services to Fit Your Business Needs

From development to maintenance or training, count on TNTMAX for a wide range of content management needs.

If you think your business could benefit from the unique additional features of a custom CMS, contact TNTMAX Bergen County Web Design for a consultation. Our developers are well-versed in WordPress, Drupal, Kentico and Sitecore, and we can help you determine which platform will best suit your business needs. We’d love to help you bring your digital marketing strategy to life with a dynamic website that’s easy to maintain, fosters a thriving community around your brand, and is scalable to grow with your expanding business.

From our office In Bergen County, TNTMAX provides businesses in Bergen County & Essex County web services & custom website development utilizing WordPress, Drupal, Kentico, & Sitecore.

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