Web Design Trends 2018: Bergen County Web Design
bergen county web design

Web Design Trends 2018 – Inspiration from Bergen County Web Design Company TNTMAX

Designing a website involves a blend of creativity, a sense of the aesthetic, an eye for detail with a healthy dose of technical know-how. Having an understanding of how to implement a vision through the world of computer language is no small feat.  The primary goal, always, is to make a solid impression on customers and potential clients:  you want your website to reflect your company or brand’s ethos, style and personality while also being easy and intuitive to navigate. TNTMAX is proud to boast a staff of web design experts who have those qualities. Though their clients are around the country, TNTMAX is located right here in Bergen County. Web design is one of their specialties and they are pros at making a stunning web presence for your business, whether you’re local in New Jersey or on the other side of the US.

bergen county web design

The experts at TNTMAX (Bergen County web design) understand the nuances of making an excellent impression with a website: If your website takes too long to load, or is too confusing to figure out, people may not stick around long enough to see how fantastic your services or products are. On the other hand, if your website works technically, but lacks the personality that makes a site pop and draw in visitors, you are left with the same problem—people clicking away from your website before you’ve gotten a chance to show them how great your services are.

Today’s web design trends combine the modern desire for visual stimulation with super efficient websites that load quickly and are simple enough to navigate.

In Bergen County, web design has significant potential to pull in customers, keep them on your page and ultimately, increase business. Here are some of the hot new trends to consider as you plan your stellar new website for your Garden State business.


7 Web Design Trends in 2018 to Make Your Business Stand Out

Bold Color

Color is elemental to the image of your website. Choosing your color palette will be primary to designing a great look—and thanks to the trending bold colors in today’s marketplace, you can really have fun here!  Big, bold color will capture attention and make your website stand out for browsers who are apt to quick click-throughs.  Use color to direct the eyes exactly where you want them to land.


Check out this Bergen County web design site by TNTMAX—you’ll notice that the bright orange text on top of the black and white photo background really makes the words pop:




And here, you’ll see something similar, but with blue text on a black and white photo background:



Due in part to the fact that more screens have high resolution, vivid colors can really come through and look great on most devices. So as you consider what is perhaps the most essential aesthetic question of your website, ask yourself: What colors really reflect my brand? Do I want 2 colors, 3 colors or more? Do I want the colors to stand out on a black or on a white background? Or perhaps the background is full of color with a black or white text overlay?

And for a bit of inspiration, consider that some of the color usage that is trending now includes full saturation, clashing hues, and dynamic gradients (see below).

Colors are fun and one of the best ways to immediately convey personality and attract the customer, so don’t be afraid to be expressive and experimental with your combinations!


Dynamic Gradients


One especially awesome way to play with color is through the use of gradients. This is a style in which you take several colors from the same slice of the color wheel and let them fade into each other.

Happily, gradients are back in style and adding a bit of glam to the web. Gradients can be incorporated in a bunch of ways: you can make a simple color gradient the background of your website (imagine a purple fading to pink, or indigo to turquoise, for example). Or, you could use a gradient filter over your photos to add a subtle but intriguing element to an otherwise less engaging picture. You can also color your text with gradients, or else add it into a personalized animation just for your site (see below).

As we’ve made it abundantly clear, colors are IN, so be bold and have fun with your expression!


 Simple Animated Particle Backgrounds

Adding a simple animation to your website works to immediately capture the rapt attention of your viewers. Movement—via videos and animation—pulls in the eye and excites the brain.

The thing that is so cool about particle backgrounds is that—unlike bulky videos—it is quite quick to load thanks to the simple and lightweight Javascript used to program them. The speed of loading time makes it much preferable to the slower loading videos and improves customer satisfaction—which equals improved chances that the casual browsers will want to stick around the page!

We’re proud to show off our skill and creative nuance on our own website. Here’s a great example of a particle background in our very own site:  Bergen County web design company TNTMAX homepage (view here: http://tntmax.com/).

You’ll notice that the background is simple, but still incorporates the eye-catching movement that pulls the viewer in, captures attention and makes a strong impression.

bergen county web design


Animations for Increasing Engagement

As mentioned above, animations pull in your audience. It is easier and quicker for the human brain to hook onto animations than it is to hook onto text. Also, the information tends to stick longer since the visual tends to attract the imagination and the mind in a way that text alone does not.

A big trend now is incorporating small animations in order to engage the viewer throughout their entire browsing experience.

Notice again on the TNTMAX website how the little connective tree-animations fill in as you scroll down the page: http://tntmax.com/

These small animations are almost interactive, pulling the viewer along with the story of the website.

These fun, little additions can really make your brand’s story pop and add a depth of texture to your website.


Focusing on mobile friendly


In today’s world, more people browse the web from their phones than ever before—and it is a trend that is not going to slow down. In fact, mobile browsing has officially outstripped PC browsing. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential in today’s market to have a website that is versatile and able to adapt across different sized devices and screens. Your website has to look fabulous both on the computer and the smartphone.

Mobile design has matured with technology and excellent mobile web design makes it all the easier for people to engage with the web via these tiny devices. The resolution is better on small screens now than it used to be, and the clarity of images, options and buttons available on the little screen has become much more sophisticated.

At TNTMAX in Bergen County, web design is always formatted to be mobile friendly. They take the time to consider how your site will look from all possible vantage points, so whatever device your customers use, they’ll be left with a great impression of your business.

Check out some more of our samples that represent how the website responds to various devices (phone, tablet and PC):



Mobile friendly logos

As mentioned above, making your website mobile friendly is perhaps the most essential element to consider in web design in these technologically advanced days. A big part of this is having a logo that can metamorphose to look great on a big screen and a small screen. You want a logo that will be clear and recognizable, no matter what size it is.

Check out the logo for this landscape design company and how it stands out no matter which device is being used:

Notice how the logo is distinguishable on every screen where it shows up. You want your logo to be memorable and in order to succeed in this endeavor, you’ll want to be sure it is always visible and responds well to change across devices.


Quirky Graphics and Personality from Brands Typically Perceived as Serious

A great way to make your brand a bit more relatable and accessible is to add in a dose of personality.  Quirky graphics can help to relax your customers a bit and put them at ease, while also helping with comprehension. There’s a reason that children learn so well from cartoons and goofy actors—the human mind tends to learn best through simplicity, play and visuals.

Adding in a bit of fun to a brand typically perceived of as serious will provide a light surprise for your audience and help pull them into your brand story.


Conclusion: Web Design for Business Success

Consider: if you want to see your business flourish in Bergen County, web design is a big part of business success today. More and more, people look to excellent websites as indicative of the quality and reliability of a good business. In fact, web browsing is one of the main ways in which businesses find new clients. Without a clear and effective web presence, you will be missing out on a great deal of business.

So if you’re looking for web design in Bergen County NJ, look no further: TNTMAX has superb services with inspiring web design that will optimize your chances for business success.


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