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TNTMAX TOP 10: Encryption Software

Encryption is not just a tool for medical professionals, law offices, or the NSA. Encryption is available to anyone to protect anything, vague we know, but that’s a reality. Encryption should be used when you have in your possession (on files), anything that if stolen, could be damaging. Our team at TNTMAX has put together a list of encryption utilities for your use to protect and save personal sensitive information.

  1. VeraCrypt (TNTMAX’s #1 recommendation)
  2. Microsoft BitLocker
  3. 7- Zip
  4. GnuPG
  5. Symantec EndPoint Encryption
  6. DiskCryptor
  7. FileVault 2 (Mac Only)
  8. Knox (Mac Only)
  9. Linux Encryption

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