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Susan Farcy

With a degree in art history from Wheaton College (IL), Susan has built her own successful interior design business focusing on client satisfaction and excellence. Susan has always had an eye for sophistication, expert craftsmanship and an entrepreneurial spirit. While Susan’s talents and expertise tend toward design, she knows a...

Frederic Farcy

Frederic was born and raised in the south of France, where he grew up reading Marcel Pagnol, watching l’Olympic de Marseille soccer team and swimming in the Mediterranean. The day after his 18th birthday, he left his home in France and came to America, and at age 23 he became...

Daniel Beato

Daniel Beato is an IT Professional that has been working in the industry for more than 10 years. He spends his time playing guitar, fixing toys, bikes and doing handiwork. He is an avid reader and supporter of the Online Technology community and can be found in Twitter, Spiceworks and...

Christen Campisi

Christen has over 25 years of administrative and management experience. Christen has worked across several industries picking up skills and certifications in human resources, accounting, management and more. Serving as a leader in her church’s youth ministry, Christen also picked up her most necessary skill for her employment at TNTMAX:...

Casey Frank

Casey was born in Maryland, raised in Pennsylvania and moved to New Jersey after marrying her husband Josh in 2015. She went to Eastern University and majored in Business, Marketing, and Anthropology. A true millennial, Casey enjoys traveling, brunch, avocado on everything, and cold brew which she makes herself at...

Kevin Borelli

Kevin has loved tinkering with objects and electronics since he was little. He has been skydiving and loves adrenaline-based activities. Dogs are Kevin's life, and he actually names his own vehicles. Truck – Medea Motorcycle – Molly He is also a world class cornhole player.

Matt Biondello

Matt enjoys anything having to do with the outdoors. His favorite thing to do when he is not at work is to hike. He also enjoys skateboarding and spending time with his friends and family. Matt also enjoys taking photos and videos with his drone. He also can play the...

Christine Becker

Besides Fred, Christine has been with TNTMAX the longest. 12 years! During her tenure here, she’s worn many hats – sales, marketing, client relations, project management, and most importantly, coffee orderer. Outside of the office, Christine can be found at a few key places: riding at CycleBar, sipping a non-fat...

Jordan Vadala

Jordan enjoys learning something new all the time - he's always curious about how things work.  He likes sports, enjoys playing basketball and watching March Madness.  His go-to fun fact is that he was born in Oxford, England.  Mixing music is a hobby of Jordan's as he mixes live audio. ...

JP Albrecht

JP is happily married to his high school sweetheart. They have a beautiful little boy, who keeps them active. They also have an adorable Lhasa Apso named Missy. His hobbies include fishing, wildlife photography, and bird watching. An interesting fact about JP is that he can solve a Rubik’s cube...

Eric Greenfield

An HTML and CSS vigilante fueled by matzahs balls, Eric works hard to save the world from bad design and development, one website at a time. When not being a hero, Eric uses his down time to hang out with family and friends who know his true identity. He enjoys...

Robin Faber

Family and friends are very important to Robin.  She recently moved back to New Jersey after living in Charlotte, North Carolina for 18 years.  She enjoys volunteering as a driver for the Mahwah EMS and has completed the Emergency Medical Responder course.  She is a Birth Doula, certified through Dona...

Kevin Lee

Outside of coding, Kevin is a dancer. He loves to both teach and learn through a culmination of styles around the NJ area. His other hobbies include games, traveling, and the New York Giants. Kevin loves burgers, hates cucumbers, and indulges himself in puns. Follow him on Instagram (@kevdama) if...

Allan Strongwater, MD

I have had an ongoing business relationship with TNTMAX for ten years. During that time they supported a medical database application containing 100,000 patients and their records. Over the ten years I have always found them to be helpful and knowledgeable. Their services continue to be professional and timely.

New York, NY

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