What is it?Managed Website Backup

The goal of a managed backup package is to provide our clients with a full backup of their website in the event of catastrophe or simply if they need to restore to a previous version of their website. There are many critical reasons why it is important to have a strategy in place for a website backup. For example:
• a staff member performs an update on the website improperly which causes the site to break.
• an attack by a hacker running general software that can spread malware due to an unknown software flaw in the website.
• an encrypted ransomware attack can render the entire content of your website encrypted, useless, and un-recoverable.



The benefits of having TNTMAX Monthly Managed Website Backup are:
– Automatic fully-managed backups (daily, weekly and/or monthly) of your website performed and stored in a secure encrypted Amazon cloud that can be accessed whenever needed.
– Protection against the growing threat of ransomware and malware attacks that can potentially destroy important company files and online identity.
– Disaster recovery protection. Backups are critical for keeping your business up and running when a data disaster strikes.
– Files are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption on a secure cloud server and not stored as unsecured plain-text.
– Backups are stored off-site in our highly secure and redundant Amazon cloud so you know your data is in a safe place. Access can only be gained by using 2-factor authentication.
– Monthly spot checks of all backups to ensure that they are taking place and doing so without error. During these spot checks, we randomly restore a file from the backup to ensure it is not corrupted and the file can be restored, if needed.
– Quarterly full restoration of your website to validate the integrity of your backups. During this additional step, we restore a full copy of your site on a test server to ensure that the backups are 100% accurate and working correctly.
– Restoration of your website, if needed, up to one per month included in monthly cost.



 Q: Are backups included in my monthly website hosting fee?

A: NO – The hosting cost covers the storage of the website, the bandwidth used by the site and the technology that runs the site.  We do not run additional backups for individual websites unless the client has a managed web backup contract with TNTMAX.


Q: Does the monthly managed website backup protect me from hackers?

A: YES.  While it cannot keep hackers away from your site, it protects you by providing your business with a way to have your site restored in a timely manner if it is hacked.  When a hacker breaks into a site, they often render it unresponsive and the damage they inflict can leave it dysfunctional and sometimes beyond repair.  If this happens, we can only rely on pre-hacked backups to restore the site. Without a backup, your site may be damaged beyond repair and need to be fully redesigned from the ground up.  With a backup, your site will be quickly restored with complete functionality as it was prior to the hack. The backup copy of your site is not a guarantee against hacker damage but it is a good insurance to have.


Q: If you are hosting my website, don’t you have backup?

A: YES – TNTMAX runs a backup of the server where your site is hosted in the unlikely event our server crashes.  This allows us to recover the data and restore your website – and any other sites that may also be hosted on that server. This does not, however, provide you a backup of your specific site if it gets hacked or your site breaks from an update you performed to the CMS or to one of the plugins on your site. This is backup is of the whole server and not of the individual site and can only be used to restore a whole server.


Q: Can I backup my site myself and save the cost of the monthly managed website backup?

A: SURE – You can back up your website yourself and we encourage it.  It is a good practice. Be sure to back up all content and databases and make sure the backup is kept off-site in an encrypted secure location. Date and timestamp each backup so when it comes time to restore you know the version date and time you are restoring.


Q: Why does the monthly managed website backup cost start at $79/month?

A:  Our managed backup package is more than just clicking a button to start a site backup and letting it run its course.  In addition to these monthly backups, we perform a full restoration of your website each quarter to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the backup. We also perform monthly spot checks to ensure the website backups are being performed on schedule and without errors. Backup software – like any software – occasionally runs into issues and we do our best efforts to mitigate the risk of not having an accurate backup when needed.


Q: How do you justify the cost of your monthly managed website backup?

A:  The client that chooses TNTMAX to manage their monthly website backups has invested a large sum of money in their site and is investing additional time and money each month promoting and working with their website. This company relies on their online presence running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Downtime to this client would result in large financial loses so they need to make sure they are protected against this. A TNTMAX-managed website backup provides the client with the minimum requirement needed to get their website back up and running without going to the next level, and additional expense, of redundancy with multiple servers and backups.