A Unique Approach to IT Support

Our IT consultants use the managed services model which is a proactive maintenance of your hardware and software. Proactive maintenance allows your office to be prepared for and prevent system issues, security breaches and other similar concerns. It will also allow for the planning of system upgrades before their support and system lifetime expire. All of our clients’ critical IT infrastructures and applications are managed by TNTMAX consultants.
consulting and audit

Consulting and Audit

Consulting and Audit

IT goes far beyond computers. Our comprehensive audit will check hardware, software, peripherals, networking infrastructure, internet connectivity, security and more.

network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

With extensive network monitoring our team will be able to address existing problems promptly and detect possible incoming issues that can be avoided to provide you with seamless assurance that your business’ IT requirements are met.

disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

We realize that disaster recovery plays an important role to businesses, especially today when there is so much emphasis on having a “paperless” office. Our goal is to give you peace of mind with a disaster recovery plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We run routine disaster recovery tests, allowing you to relax even in the case of unforeseen system failures. With this service you remain in control of your system while our experts stay accountable for any and all recovery needs.

cloud computing

Cloud Services

Transform the way your business performs.

Cloud technology has dramatically changed the way businesses can perform. We provide cloud computing software that gives your business the ability to grow on demand and scale immediately with your unique needs. You can find the balance between leveraging the latest technology and custom web environments while only paying for what you use.


security and compliance

Security Compliance


Virus Removal

Coinciding with the growing emphasis on cloud technology, the need to have your business secure becomes superlative and this is something that TNTMAX takes seriously. Our team of IT consultants will provide you with the highest and most current security recommendations to upgrade your systems and prevent network vulnerabilities. We provide clients with enterprise firewall protection that meets regulation requirements.


TNTMAX has a team doing research on current HIPAA, FINRA, SEC & SOX, and FFIEC compliance requirements to keep your business’ IT compliant.

Hacker Protection

Today, hacking is an industry and TNTMAX wants to keep your data safe and protected on both a business/corporate level as well as on a personal level.

SSL Certificates

With industry leading security, our provided SSL certificates have the highest level of encryption available and a 99% compatibility with major browsers. We offer 3 different options for SSL certificates to make sure your business communication and transactions are secure.

managed services

Managed Services

Continued Support

You manage your business – we’ll manage your technology needs

These days, Information Technology (IT) requirements for any company go beyond calling an IT professional when something goes wrong. Today’s IT requirements consist of proactive ongoing management, precise recommendations and expertise in the latest technology. Our managed IT services provide comprehensive solutions that are carefully crafted to meet your unique and personal needs.



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