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Cyber Security & Compliance

With more and more cloud-based services and products than ever, businesses need to fortify their cyber defenses to prevent security threats. TNTMAX assesses your company’s cyber vulnerabilities and creates a customized cyber defense plan that protects valuable data and company assets from malicious hackers. From conducting pen tests to installing up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software, we give you peace of mind that your network is safe and secure.

What the Data Shows

In the latest Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report,  several critical cyber security findings were revealed, including:

  • 96% of breaches are financially motivated.
  • Ransomware is currently the most available malicious software.
  • Healthcare is the only industry where cyber threat is greater on the inside than outside.
  • The top discovery method for breaches is the attacker revealing themselves, usually way after the damage is done.
  • Ransomware rose in prevalence by 13% in 2021, a rise equal to the previous five years combined.

Ransomware Prevention

With ransomware attacks hurting small and large businesses worldwide, ransomware prevention and protection is a must. Ransomware attacks cost small businesses more than $100,000 per incident – and you might be surprised that the majority of the loss is incurred simply due to downtime.  Using the latest ransomware software with continual monitoring and upgrades, we help keep your systems secure from such attacks.

HIPAA Compliance

Health insurance providers, hospitals, and other businesses within the healthcare industry must comply with HIPAA standards (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). TNTMAX understands the legalities of compliance and makes it easy for healthcare employees and employers to meet regulations.  We provide the necessary cyber defenses to keep medical records safe and secure, as well as training and other cyber ‘musts’ that ensure compliance. TNTMAX also extends our cybersecurity services to companies that need to meet FINRA, SEC & SOX, and FFIEC standards.

TNTMAX Offers Tailored Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions to Meet Your Needs

TNTMAX knows that cybersecurity is becoming a bigger issue as we move more and more of our life and business online. Using tried-and-true methods and the latest cyber security strategy in the industry, we will work with you to devise a cybersecurity and compliance program that helps you meet industry rules and regulations and ensure that your data remains secure from malicious insiders and outsiders.

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