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IT consultants equip you with the best tech tools and web strategies for your business goals. Our team of tech experts can get a comprehensive understanding of how your business works, analyze challenges to your growth, and help you determine cost-effective solutions to enable your business to grow seamlessly. Using architectural,...
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IT Services

Managed Services

To ensure your business hits sales goals and continues to grow, you cannot afford to worry about your network and IT infrastructure. When a technical issue — such as a system failure — comes up, you cannot afford to redirect essential company resources. If your business needs a system upgrade to...
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IT Services

Cyber Security & Compliance

With more and more cloud-based services and products than ever, businesses need to fortify their cyber defenses to prevent security threats. TNTMAX assesses your company’s cyber vulnerabilities and creates a customized cyber defense plan that protects valuable data and company assets from malicious hackers. From conducting pen tests to installing...
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IT Services

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is critical for businesses that need to know what devices, users, traffic, and servers are on their network. Should anything unusual pop up, network monitoring immediately sends a message to the administrator, and the issue can be addressed as soon as possible. TNTMAX offers business of New Jersey...
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IT Services

Cloud Computing

With fewer costs and greater scalability, it is no wonder that more and more businesses are moving to the Cloud. However, if not handled properly, the transition can be difficult. Make sure your business doesn't waste precious time or money without first assessing your current IT infrastructure in order to define...
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IT Services

Disaster Recovery

Data loss can set businesses back critically in procuring lost emails, company records, client files, accounting information, and more. At best, data loss forces businesses to direct needed resources towards data retrieval when they could be focusing on increasing their ROI. At worst, companies may find themselves trying to rectify...
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IT Services

Backup Services

What if your network suffers a system failure? Or what about a cyber breach? No matter what technical problems arise, you want a proactive approach that ensures your data stays safe, secure, and accessible. New Jersey Computer Service Provider TNTMAX’s data backup services can provide just that. 98% of businesses...
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IT Services

Email Hosting

Without secure email, your business is left wide open to security issues such as viruses within attachments, JavaScript problems, lost and infected folders, greater risk of malicious cyber attacks, and longer download time. Consider email hosting from TNTMAX, which is more secure and efficient than standard email. With dedicated email...

George J. Zambetti, Jr, MD

Orthopedic Associates of NY has had an extremely successful relationship with TNTMAX for over 15 years. We have entrusted all our computer, network and internet needs to them. Their superb service has earned our trust and gratitude.

Orthopedic Associates of NY/Columbus Circle Orthopaedics, New York, NY

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