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Creative Graphic Tips

Font, headers, and colors are all elements that make up a visual that represents a brand. Hours are often spent making sure logos, fonts, and images provide the audience with the correct voice by which to receive the message. There are an innumerable amount of ways to pair fonts with images and text, so deciding on one can be difficult. Below are some helpful tips to narrow down the choices and hopefully leave you with a better grasp on how to captivate the audience and represent your brand.

1. Match your fonts, like you match your outfits

Fonts have a voice, they can be elegant, playful, serious, or casual. There might be a font you really enjoy from the economic section of the Newspaper, but if what you are advertising does not match the tone of that particular font, keep looking. Here are some examples where we see the brand matching it’s font.

In this image the fonts are from the same family, this helps create a balance. However if you are using a font that stands out, it should be paired with a softer image, like this one below:

The front text of “find a” is script and curvy, to offset this, “balance” is written in a typewriter style. There is no set rule about matching fonts, it comes down to what feels right.

2. Know what key terms to stand out

As stated, know what is key in the content of the graphic and what is not. In the graphic below, “to live” is the largest and boldest text while “adventure” is the second largest. The way this graphic is laid out in regards to font, we know what the emphasis is on. If someone were to read it aloud, it would be read correctly.

3. Set a limit on fonts

Mixing up different fonts in a graphic can greatly add to the depth of a message. It is a good rule of thumb to keep it under 3, depending on the size of the work you are doing. More than 3 different types of fonts can create unnecessary chaos and distract from the point.

4. Contrast

Creating contrast in style, font, spacing or color allows for different voices to be used. By changing up the size, weight and other aspects of text you can direct importance and assign roles to different portions of the material.

Using this statement, which utilizes the bold style to give a contrast, it turns the statement into a command. It is a subtle change but it gives a visual impression – which all graphics want to achieve. Use contrast in your favor to share a set message and use it in a playful way. Choose what you want to do and will work.

Through the use of different fonts and colors is another way to create a contrast. Each word is it’s own font and switched out the colors and the words. To sum it up, when creating contrast between fonts to achieve a winning combination consider the style, size, weight, form, and color.

Whatever your graphic need, have fun, be eye catching, and mix things up!

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