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Color Psychology & Marketing

Color is everywhere. Color is critical to association and description. Everyone can list the colors that make up their favorite brand. Because of this, it is paramount to consider color when designing and creating a logo or brand.

If you are starting this adventure, begin by asking this simple question, “what kind of emotion do I want my brand to convey?” Colors have an affect on how the mind conceives ideas and how it emotionally reacts. Color Psychology is the field of research that studies this to generalize which colors direct to the mind to certain associations and emotions. Today we are going to share that information with you. This research does also point out, that components such as personal preference, upbringing, experiences, context, and cultural differences, make it difficult to claim exactly what kind of affect each color will have.
Below is an infographic that has charted major brands in the US and tracked their color and association. Look at the brands you know and think about the emotion or thoughts you associate with that particular brand.

Food companies such as Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Nabisco, and KFC use red in their logos to trigger hunger. Black, white, silver and gold are typically used in logos of luxury brands to enhance the feeling of sophistication. Knowing this, it only makes choosing the right color paramount to finalizing a brand or logo.

TNTMAX recommends that you begin approaching a logo design by looking at it in black and white. Do this to make sure you are not so focused on color that you lose certain design elements. Once you have this established, start adding color to areas that guide the audience to predestined focal points and achieve the emotion and feel that your brand demands.

Your team at TNTMAX has created a guide that will help you learn and discern how to use colors for your brand. Think of the four emotions you desire to portray when someone sees your brand or logo. Write them down and see where they fall on the color wheel. Keep in mind, this is only one of many facets that goes into the logo design process.

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